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How to Run Effective Google Shopping Ads with Variant Product Pricing - Surge #103

December 28, 2020

How to Run Effective Google Shopping Ads with Variant Product Pricing - Surge #103

Multiple customers have variant products. They always encounter the same issue when they're trying to run these Google Shopping campaigns.

Suppose you have an eCommerce site on BigCommerce, Volusion, or Shopify. They show product options the same way. You sell this jacket with three sizes: small, medium, and large. The small one is $100, the medium is 120 and the larger one is 150. 

With the eCommerce platform structure, you have only one page for that product. The price needs to dynamically change and your URL needs to reflect that. Otherwise, when you submit your product feed to Google, Google is going to look at your product page and say this product is $100. If a visitor goes to your site however, they will see different pricing. This leads to your data feed facing automatic rejection. Many people have learned about this dilemma the hard way.

We're seeing this problem all the time. If you’re on BigCommerce, the platform has a direct integration with Google Shopping. However, their feed does not have the ability to differentiate the variants based on the products that you're selecting. 

These eCommerce store owners are trying to run Google Shopping campaigns for the products that. To do so, they implement variant pricing with either variants, quantity thresholds, or bundled products. Google considers any factor that alters a price as misleading to those shoppers. Therefore, they're going to cut the feed.

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